Tuesday, 1 October 2019



Early November 2017 I set off on a different journey. After a lifetime of much convention I decided to do something different now rather than wait until I retire. I never really understood the idea of retirement, doing something to pay the bills for 40-50 years before you get to do what you want seemed crazy. Better to do what you like while you can, and why stop doing that by retiring? You only live once, and in the middle years you start to ask what you want to do for the remaining time. I'm over 50, but fit, nothing stops me doing what I want to and I'm very thankful for that. Common sense tells me to do things while I can. Convention can wait till another time. So I moved out of my flat and bought the biggest Motorhome I can drive.

The beginning of the journey kept me so busy, recording it was erratic. So now I’ll start by catching up, and thereafter share things as they happen. (well I’ll try)

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