Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mary's Invasion

I had invited a colleague to join me in my lounge whilst parked at work. It had become dark as it was about 4 pm. Shortly after settling down to a nice cuppa,  we heard a knock at the door. I opened the habitation to find a torch shining in my face:

"Oh, it's you! I thought the gypos were moving in!"

It was Mary the Estates manager.

"Come in Mary!"

She came and sat with us but declined coffee.

"I have to keep an eye out y'know, anything can appen round ere, I really thought we might have a gypsy invasion! and I'm not avin that!"

(I have yet to figure out what is so wrong with gypsies)

Mary (as most do) had many questions about how I eat, keep warm and keep clean. She was amazed to find the I have a boiler for the central heating, another boiler to make hot water, a shower, kitchen and 7 berths.

"where do you park it at night?"

"Well, wherever I stop I guess.."

Well, if you need to leave it here just tell me - I'll inform security - you can't sleep here mind! Oh - and why don't you use the shower on the 4th floor?"

"there's a shower?"

So, Mary's 'investigation' proved quite fruitful for me, I now have another safe place to park if I need to - and a shower that doesn't use my own resources. 

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