Tuesday, 9 January 2018

White Wolf in a Black Forest

Breeze the dog has only recently learned to play, run, explore - when I arrive at his house in the motorhome he knows he's going on another adventure - he leaps in and sits in the cab like a sentinel.


We headed to the forest for a walk whilst the light lasted. Soon after our arrival, we wandered off, taking note that the carpark would be locked at 5 pm.

It was snowing as we arrived, everywhere was white, much more than the city we left behind. Breeze walked in the snow wherever he could - thankfully avoiding the mud - (the cleanup process on returning to the van is a bit of a chore) we wondered if he had ever been on snow before as he padded around sniffing. He looked whiter than ever against the snowy landscape. It quickly became dark and we didn't really know where we were anymore. The Blair Witch loomed. The clock was ticking and 5 pm was approaching fast - I suppose we could always stay overnight if we got locked in I thought...

The path petered out and we found ourselves in a black abyss. Despite having a good sense of direction I wasn't at all sure where to head, but instinct led me to cut further into the blackness toward what I hoped would be a lake.


Somehow we found our way back to the trail, quickening our pace. We happened upon a hut, lit from within and we all stopped and gazed upon the scene. Owen said it looked like the game Skyrim, Tom suggested Game of Thrones. I guess we all had our own ‘I'm in a movie’ moment simultaneously. I was thinking of Jasper's house in the 2006 film Children of Men, only this was a lot, lot darker.

The carpark didn't close on time.

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